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We are bonded through Liberty Mutual  Surety Company and our insurance policy is through Liberty Mutual. We have been the busiest estate sale liquidator in Ventura County since 2012. To set up your FREE consultation please contact us directly on our cellular phone or our business line .  We have completed over 500 estate sales since July 2023. Our email address is info@sellingyourestate.com.

IMPORTANT:  There are many estate sale companies that are operating as a full service company.  Make sure they are licensed, insured, bonded, operating website, excepting credit cards, internet payments, checks and have good reviews.  We pay TAXES and do all of the following above and many of our competition do not.  If the estate sale commission rate is low, be very leery because you are allowing people into your home and you have no way of knowing what is sold and for how much and if it was really sold. I know of many horror stories and the clients are not aware of the situations.  I am privy to the stories because I know a lot of the pickers (buyers) and they have related stories of clients being taken advantage.

Best wishes,

Claudio & Margaret de Medeiros

Business Address:

734 Via Ondulando, Ventura

California 93003

Ventura County Business License #6137403

California State Incorporation # C4240081

Realtor Licenses #01920415 & #01919598

Liberty Mutual Surety Bond #999211254

Cellular Phone: 805-881-8801


Selling Your Estate Inc.