Kodi passed away April 2023 and we were lucky to find a rescue dog one week prior to Kodi’s passing.  Kodi was our best dog because he was so calm and loving.  We now have Marti, another Golden Retriever from the Santa Paula animal rescue.  We thank them so much for filling the void we lost with Jodi.

Marti and he is only a 1 year old puppy.  He is the biggest golden and uncoordinated dog we have ever.  From the first day we had him, he sleeps on the bed with us.




Louis & Rudi

Louis & Rudi May 2019 – 2 weeks before Rudi’s passing.  We love you Rudi.


Claudio & Maggie de Medeiros – Owners

Maggie is an American citizen, born in Van Nuys, California and raised in Mississippi.  Claudio was born in Toronto, Canada and met Maggie while she was visiting Toronto.  They married in 2004 and Maggie moved to Canada.

Claudio and Maggie left Canada in 2008 to care for their grandparents who were very ill.  Unfortunately,  they both passed within 2 years.  Living in Ventura close to the Ocean and enjoying the feel of Ventura, they decided to sell their home and close their business and moved to Ventura.  What a great choice they made, the people, the food and the small town feel was exactly what they were looking to enjoy the rest of their lives.  Goodbye to cold Canadian winters and hello to continuous California sunshine.

Their family has a son named Louis who lived in Montreal and he is studied at Concordia University and August 2019 he moved to  Bordeaux, France and now is studying to be a chef.  Louis graduated as a chef in 2021 and works in the Bordeaux area as a head chef. They  have 1 horse, 2 dogs and 4 Tortoises.   Their first horse was adopted in 2013 from the Ojai Humane Society named Sarge.  Sarge was near to death 8 months prior to their adoption.  He is such a loving and trusting horse and they are blessed to have him.  Originally, the horse was for Maggie who has ridden since she was 4 years old.  Claudio the novice, fell in love with Sargent (Pepper was added when they adopted him) and Maggie decided to get another horse named Shamrock, so that they could ride together.  Their two Golden Retrievers Rudi and Kodi are the most loving and wonderful companions.  Maggie’s mother passed in 2015 and they adopted her Russian Terrier, (Mikael passed away Nov.2018).  Sadly, Rudi passed away June 7, 2019. They also have 5 endangered California Tortoises named Betty ( sadly passed away March 2019), Jerry, Eli, Joel, Leo.  In May 2017, Claudio became a US citizen.  2019 June 11, the family was devastated with the loss of Rudi so they found Bowie 3 days later to help Kodi and the family deal with losing  our best friend.  We did an estate sale in Newbury Park in 2022 and the owner wanted to let their chicken go into the wild and have a coyote eat it so we took her home and named her Lucy. Lucy passed away Sept 13 2022. We now have 2 hens named Klare and Ethel. Louis has graduated from cooking school in near Bordeaux, France and has been head chef at Chez Helene for 6 months.




Since, opening Selling Your Estate, Ventura County residences have welcomed their business with open arms.  Selling Your Estate has progressed to the most active Estate Liquidation Company in Ventura County for the last 9 years.  Selling Your Estate has done sales from Sedona, Arizona to Auburn, California and lastly, Palm Springs, California.

Claudio and Maggie are proud sponsors of the Ventura Film Society and were the largest contributors to the Boys and Girls Thrift Shop in Ventura through their estate sales.  Selling Your Estate Inc. now contributes all their estate leftovers to the Salvation Army.

Selling Your Estate just incorporated in January, 2019.


Sarge June 2019

Update: Nov.5 2019 Sarge is very sick and we will keep as long he is not in pain.

Shamrock and Lily


Shamrock & Niece Lily Dec.2018

Kodi & Rudi Kodi & Rudi  2016
Louis & Sarge Louis & Sarge 2013