Claudio helped us with a complicated estate sale/home sale situation. No matter what came up he always knew what to do and how to do it. He kept our momentum moving consistently forward, and throughout the course of events he always had our back. He not only valued our property significantly higher than another agent we had spoken with, he also managed a quick and efficient listing/negotiation process that resulted in offers well over the asking price. We are very grateful for Claudio’s experience and know-how, and we would happily use him as our agent in the future.

Sincerely, Brian and Linda Hanson

What a fantastic service they provide to help clear your house when you are ready to move. They were so professional and the estate sale was profitable we decided to use them to renovate and list our home. So glad we did! The house sold the first week for over ask! I will definitely use them to list my next home.


We thank all our clients that were able to send us a note to express their feelings and thoughts on how Selling Your Estate Inc. handles their personal affairs.  We take great pleasure in helping people.

2 YouTube Videos

Hiring the right EXPERT to manage your estate sale is key to a successful event. We interviewed several other companies in Ventura County and felt overwhelmed with doubt and anxiety. After speaking to the owners Claudio de Medeiros & his wife Maggie at SELLING YOUR ESTATE we knew we had found the right company! We chose SELLING YOUR ESTATE!

This company came in quickly and with less hassle than if we had tried to DIY, Claudio and his friendly staff came in and evaluated, priced, merchandised, and sold everything from furniture to rolls of unused paper towels. This was essential at a very difficult time for us we had just experienced a death in the family and needed an EXPERT we could TRUST! I was grateful we had made the right choice!

A contract is extremely important. It should detail out when the sale will be held, how much the company is charging, when you will get paid, and the proper removal of all items not sold, etc.  Do not hire a company without a contract. Their contract detailed out what was expected of each party, I felt very secure with the contract after the signing!

Sandy B.

They did an amazing job for us, on time, honest and sold everything at fair prices for us and buyers. wouldn’t hesitate to use them again if needed.

Don. F.

A++. I can’t say enough positive things about this company, Just give them a key and it will be done. We met on Tuesday, Set up was Thursday, Fri-Sun was estate sale, thrift store arrived and cleared remaining goods, handed back the key with check and itemized list Sunday afternoon. DONE.

Randy R.

Claudio & Maggie did an excellent job of taking care of the estate sale of my late father.  They are quintessential professionals, quick and efficient in their process and I enjoyed their company.  I appreciated so much that they took on our project when others wouldn’t.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for estate sale help.

Holly F.

Claudio could not have more more kind and professional. He really knows his stuff and is happy to explain anything to you about the process….I will definitely use him again and refer him to anyone…..
Maggie, Claudio and all the Selling Your Estate team are friendly and very helpful. Claudio’s knowledge of collectibles and everyday items is very impressive.   Items are priced very reasonable.  We try to visit the Selling Your Estate sales whenever possible.
Claudio and Maggie follow through on what they say, and keep you notified of steps they take to make the most of your estate sale. You’re in good hands with their team. They’re honest, dependable and make a difficult situation as easy as possible. Give them a call and you’ll see how hard they work for you!  Thanks to you and your team….couldn’t have done it without you!!
Claudio and Margaret did a fantastic job at our estate sale.  They were super organized and were able to sell much more than they even projected. They did quite a bit of planning and advertising to get many people to show for the 2 day event.
I had interviewed many other companies before I went with Selling Your Estate.  Claudio and Margaret were the only people that actually did what they said they would do and kept all their commitments!  They took many photographs, advertised on several different websites (including Craig’s List for the last day of the sale), organized and set up displays on the many tables they brought. They priced all items and kept a tally sheet for us with descriptions of all items that $old.
I would highly recommend them for your Estate sale!
We used Claudio and Maggie to sell my sister’s estate. They did it with respect. These folks know what they are doing…and you can trust them. I made a good choice to use them. “Ed”
Claudio and Maggie are incredible professionals that have the business acumen to appropriately set prices, advertise to the right audience, and carry out every small detail of the sales process. They were both incredibly kind, knowledgable, and professional. I appreciated that they took the time to explain every small part of their contract and answer my numerous questions. They carried out their commitments by finding sellers for some higher valued items within 48 hours and ultimately sold the entire estate for a much higher amount than what was offered by competing companies. While I hope to not be in a situation where another estate sale is required, I would absolutely use them again and highly recommend them both!
I was so lucky to find Claudio and Maggie!  They are professional, experienced, knowledgeable, honest, fun to work with and very kind.  I was moving and they took care of absolutely everything for me!  I was extremely surprised to find that I made more money than I could have if I had sold everything myself!  I can’t give them a high enough rating…they were awesome!
Thank you Claudio and Maggie for a terrific job in selling the household!
In one week, you have eliminated my biggest problem in selling my sister’s home–getting rid of all the furniture, artifacts, garage stuff, kitchen stuff and on and on. You made a major job seem easy. I had contacted four other agents to do this, and not one of them quoted a price that came close to the return I got from you. All of this was done with little or no help from me. You are also very respected by your competitors–one of them actually recommended you.
You certainly are the one to call when you need your things sold!!! You are friendly, efficient, have a real aptitude for arranging and displaying item, and most important know how to reach a clientele that show for the sale.
You and your team came in on Tuesday, sorted through things, marked and set up everything for the sale on Friday and Saturday. All of the items were attractively displayed. You are really artists in how you made my simple items look grand. And–Oh my gosh! My things in the garage were all scattered and disorganized, so you sorted out a lot of unsaleable items and disposed of them for me. You prepared my garage by sweeping it clean, brought in your own tables and set things up so that people were anxious and eager to buy.
Claudio and Maggie take care of everything, even to the point of calling Salvation Army for pickup, which is done by a priority arrangement that EVERYTHING not sold gets picked up. However, with Claudio and Maggie, that doesn’t leave them much!
There is only one Estate Sale People to use for a great return, efficient friendly people, ability to dispose of all your treasures, and being the top agents in the business—-Selling Your Estate!
Thanks again,
Martha Baxton

Feder– Attorney
I would like to talk to you briefly about working with Claudio de Medeiros. We just closed the sale of the house. Quite simply put, this deal would not have happened if it weren’t for Claudio’s tireless work and willingness to go the extra mile.
This transaction had many setbacks and was quite frustrating for all involved. Not being there meant that Claudio had to do the majority of the leg work it entailed. We had to do numerous repairs and renovations to close the sale. Claudio was always there making sure that things were happening correctly. Claudio answers his phone anytime you call, whatever the hour. He was a very savvy negotiator with the buyers’ agent. He drove a hard bargain and got the best deal he could for us.
In short, Claudio is an excellent estate sale liquidator and real estate agent. I cannot recommend him more highly. Feel assured that when you refer clients to him, they are getting an excellent representative who will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.
Thank you for referring him to us.


Alan Pietsch

Andrew S.: Extremely organized and efficient.  Everything is priced, even $1 items! And Maggie and Claudio are very respectful with respect to your estate…they understand this event is emotional for you and know to carefully discuss the services planned.  Your services include extensive research prior to the sale in order to get the highest resale amount for you.  Virtually every item is marked.   If you want an organized estate sale with the highest amount of value for your items this is your seller.

Heather L.: I used Claudio and Maggie from Selling Your Estate to sell everything in my house. They did a fantastic job! Very professional, organized, and easy. At the end of the estate sale everything was gone. I made great money with no hassle. Thank you Claudio and Maggie! It was a wonderful experience!

Yvonne: AWESOME is an understatement! Claudio and his team are professional, personable, and take care of everything in a timely manner! I highly recommend them for selling your estate…hands down the best you will find in the area!

Hiring the right EXPERT to manage your estate sale is key to a successful event. We interviewed several other companies in Ventura County and felt overwhelmed with doubt and anxiety. After speaking to the owners Claudio de Medeiros & his wife Maggie at SELLING YOUR ESTATE we knew we had found the right company! We chose SELLING YOUR ESTATE!

This company came in quickly and with less hassle than if we had tried to DIY, Claudio and his friendly staff came in and evaluated, priced, merchandised, and sold everything from furniture to rolls of unused paper towels. This was essential at a very difficult time for us we had just experienced a death in the family and needed an EXPERT we could TRUST! I was grateful we had made the right choice!

A contract is extremely important. It should detail out when the sale will be held, how much the company is charging, when you will get paid, and the proper removal of all items not sold, etc. Do not hire a company without a contract. Their contract detailed out what was expected of each party, I felt very secure with the contract after the signing! Claudio put our minds at easy during this very stressful time!

The sale ran three days over a weekend, was well advertised and was successful given the short amount of time at hand. We needed to return home and not worry about anything…..and that’s exactly what we experienced! We were pleased with the unsold items being donated to the Boys and Girls Thrift Shop in Ventura. Claudio & Maggie are the largest contributors to this worthy organization through their estate sales donations.

We were thoroughly impressed with this company’s professionalism and organization. They made a very difficult time & task easy for us!

We would definitely recommend this company for your estate sale liquidation!

They are licensed, insured & bonded…for peace of mind!

1-805 881-8801 or

Thank you,

S. Barnard

Claudio could not have more kind and professional. He really knows his stuff and is happy to explain anything to you about the process….I will definitely use him again and refer him to anyone…..
Courtney H.

I called “Selling Your Estate”  3-weeks before the keys of our home went to the new buyer.

Downsizing, I wanted to empty this 4000 sq. ft. home of ALL the interior furniture, Persian rugs, bed frames, mattresses, outdoor furniture, paintings, glassware, clothing items, decorative items, hanging mirrors, heavy armoires, etc.

Could they work on short notice?  The home was in a rural area…would any one show up? What would I do if there were items left over AFTER the sale? Could all this actually get done in 3-days?

Claudio & Maggie scheduled an appointment right away to see the home and discuss our options. This same day, Claudio took photos of ALL the items beginning the online marketing process to reach their 3000 followers and beyond.

People with vans lined up outside the first day.
People showed up in the rain.
98% of the sale items were sold by the end of the third day.
Last items left were picked up by a previously scheduled charity truck.

In 72hrs the house was completely empty. Unbelievable!!!!

Claudio & Maggie were a pleasure to work with. “Selling Your Estate” is a hard working, yet fun team of people. Timely, efficient, personable, compassionate and professional. With a solid marketing process and a list of dealers, buyers and followers, its a sure thing your estate sale will be complete success.

A big thank-you to “Selling Your Estate”!
Diana Miller-Castells

Thank you Claudio for a job well-done in cleaning out my mother’s rental
It was a huge job I know, about as bad of a hoarding situation as I can
imagine, and you and your crew got all the trash and unsold items cleaned
out of the unit.

And thank you Ben for the referral to Claudio.


Claudio and Margaret were a first class act from start to finish. They scheduled the estate sale within a week from when we first met. They were extremely professional and respectful. The sale was a huge success and we made much more than I could have imagined!
I would highly recommend them.

Thanks again,
Jennifer Diamond

Schuck, Becker & Dehesa, LLP

Ben A. Schuck III

Attorney At Law


As of April 16, 2017, we will be asking our clients to do videos of their experience with working with Selling Your Estate.  This is our first video and unfortunately the sound was not good.  Practice makes perfection.

IMPORTANT:  There are many estate sale companies that are operating as a full service company.  Make sure they are licensed, insured, bonded, operating website, excepting credit cards, checks and have good reviews.  We pay TAXES and do all of the following above and many of our competition do not.  If the estate sale commission rate is low, be very weary because you are allowing people into your home and you have no way of knowing what is sold and for how much and if it was really sold. I know of many horror stories and the clients are not aware of the situations.  I am privy to the stories because I know a lot of the pickers (buyers) and they have related stories of clients being taken advantage.

 Thanks so much for the great job you did selling my treasures. You are very honest and hardworking, and I would recommend your services to anyone. Thanks so much. Kristi Holtdorf  

Claudio & Margaret:

A sincere thank you for the care, time and effort you put in selling Mom’s estate. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for help and guidance in selling a loved one’s estate. Not only did the proceeds exceed expectations, the professionalism, detailed list of assets sold and communication were highly appreciated. Once again, THANK YOU!

When my mother passed away it was a time of grieving for my family.  In the midst of our grieving we had to deal with practical matters.  One of those matters was hiring someone to handle the estate sate.  We chose Claudio & Margaret and are confident that we chose wisely.

Claudio & Margaret were reliable, efficient, down to earth , kind and honest.  For anybody who is deciding who to hire for handling their estate sale, I highly recommend Claudio & Margaret.

Sheila Williams

I contacted Claudio on short notice to help with the estate sale of my cousin. Claudio and his team did a terrific job in maximizing the return for my cousin ( who we put in a senior living facility). I’m a busy man and never physically met Claudio however he lived up to and exceeded what he thought he could do. I normally don’t conduct a transaction like this without physically looking someone in the eye but I assure you that he is a man of his word which today is uncommon. He managed to quickly put together an estate sale, attract customers and leave my cousin with some additional funds that she definitely needed. If you are looking for a professional that knows what he is doing, look no further. I highly recommend them and this is only the second time in my life I have felt compelled to take the time to recommend a company. Thank you Claudio for making this painless and for doing a terrific job!
Best regards,
Jim K.

Claudio and Maggie did a wonderful job helping me with my mother’s estate sale.  They are kind, thoughtful and professional.  It is difficult to part with a family member’s treasures and Claudio and Maggie’s approach made the process much easier than I could have imagined.

Thank you again,


Thanks so much for the great job you did selling my treasures. You are very honest and hardworking, and I would recommend your services to anyone.
Thanks so much.
Kristi Holtdorf

Dear Claudio and Maggie

Thank you for handling our moving sale recently. As advertised, you are very efficient, fast, prompt, honest, and knowledgable. YES, Claudio, you DO KNOW your business. I’m glad I didn’t bet with you on anything. Also, you did an excellent packing job
on two pods.

I am doing better with my heart problem.

Best wishes,
Lucy and Bruce


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you and Margaret for the amazing job you both did in selling just about everything that was not nailed down at my home. In reviewing your final sales inventory I even saw items I had forgotten that I owned. You handled the entire sale in an extremely professional and tasteful manner and I was amazed that you took care of every detail including the cleanup so I could focus on getting the house ready for my closing. In my mind the highlight took place as I was dragging and old dilapidated wood work bench into the garage hoping my buyer would not object so I could avoid paying $50 to haul it away. You advised me that you could sell what I thought was a piece of junk, and you in fact did. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and would use you again in a heartbeat, I just wish I knew you for my previous home sales.


Dear Claudio & Margaret:

It is with a great deal of gratitude that I send this e-mail to you for the professional services you rendered the Brodbeck family. In light of difficult circumstances, I speak on behalf of Tim and me, in particular, in expressing our appreciation for your diligence, flexibility, and patience while organizing, coordinating, and executing this critical project, on our behalf. I regret not having the opportunity to meet you in person, but the rapport and positive working relationship you established personally with Tim was a huge reassurance to me and of tremendous value to our family.

Thanks again and I wish you continued success for years to come!


Steve Brodbeck.

Hey Guys, just wanted to say thanks, the 5th Dimensions was great. When we got there they up graded us to orchestra and we had a great time. Marty

Claudio and Maggie were a pleasure to work with. They were professional, knowledgeable, and incredibly hard working. They treated my in-laws home and possessions as if they were their own. We would highly recommend their services.
Vikki and Mark McCarter

Estate liquidation is a difficult time and it is further complicated when you live in another city many miles away. I initially contacted Selling Your Estate for they presented themselves very professionally through their web site and since they serviced Ventura County I felt that they would provide the best opportunity to attract the buyers needed to clear out my Father’s house. I contacted Claudio and in this time of need I was comforted by his demenour and professionalism.  He worked with me to the dates that were convenient with my schedule, he advertised the sale in local publications, and he conducted a great sale to terms that were agreeable with me. All the while I was minimally involved, which is key for as I said I lived far away. What was not sold I donated to a local charity and this too Claudio handled at the conclusion of the multi-day estate sale. When I returned to the house following the sale the house was emptied as promised. Selling Your Estate provided prompt payment of the proceeds and an itemized listing of what was sold and for what price, as well as what had been donated to charity. I highly recommend Selling Your Estate for their estate liquidation services for they were professional, curious, and took the stress out of the whole process.

John van de Wouw.

I was having no luck selling my truck. Claudio & Maggie listed it on their site & it sold the first day ! I’m very pleased ; very nice people to deal with.

Jim Koslow.

We highly recommend Claudio and Margaret if you are considering an estate sale . They are absolute professionals , knowledgable , trustworthy , effeciant , honest and did exactly what they promised to do in our initial meeting .

Frankly , I have no idea how we would have pulled off a liquidation of nearly EVERYTHING in a home we lived in for over 15 years and possessions we had accumulated over 33 years of marriage without Claudio and Margaret . It was a difficult process but with their help , patience and guidance we accomplished this task . They were very candid from the very beginning as to what our property was worth on the secondary market . They promised to handle EVERYTHING , and they did !

In summary , they are the best !

On a personal note , Claudio and Margaret , thank you so much ! We are safe and sound in our home in Austin and anxiously awaiting the arrival of the pod which contains the few things we had moved .

Tim & Cheryl Molley

I cannot recommend more highly the services of From the moment I contacted them, Claudio and Margaret have been thoughtful, responsive, responsible and highly professional. My father had recently died and we had to clear everything out of his home prior to its being renovated for another tenant. My mother had pre-deceased Dad and together they had lived in that home for over 30 years. Both were collectors and, as people growing up in the Depression who never wanted to throw anything out, my parents were packrats. Although it was a relatively small home (3 bedrooms, a study, living room, dining room and kitchen), it was full to the brim in things. And much of it held sentimental meanings for our family.
Claudio and Margaret immediately impressed us with their compassion and understanding for our hardships as well as exhibiting clearly their good knowledge of the value of things. They blended their assessments and suggestions for the sale with deep empathy for who our parents were and why they were so loved. It made the entire process so much easier.
Before they arrived, my family and I had sorted through most of my parents’ things. When we were ready and taken those things that we wanted to keep, Claudio and Margaret came in and organized everything perfectly. We were so impressed! They priced everything, they advertised well, they contacted buyers that they knew would be interested and then they produced an estate sale that was memorable, thorough and, for our family, very successful. Their accumulated sales were far greater than we ever expected and have helped us immeasurably in settling my father’s estate. And when they left the building on Sunday after three days of sales, there was literally nothing left! They had completely cleaned it out for us and left it tidy! We were and are delighted!
For anyone in Ventura County or its neighboring regions who has an estate that you want to clear out well and profitably, hire You will only be glad of your decision.
Stephen Huyler
Ojai, California 93023

Hi Claudio & Margaret,

Thank you for the fine job you did for us with our estate sale.

We contracted with you as we were combining two households and felt we did not have the time or expertize to sell the furniture and items in the multi-story condo in Oxnard which we planned to lease.
We were extremely satisfied with the professionalism in which you handled our estate sale. You also impressed us with your knowledge of the value of a variety of items and how to price them.
The proceeds from the sale exceeded our expectations, plus the condo was swept clean as promised at the end of the sale, which also pleased us very much.
We would highly recommend Selling Your Estate by Claudio & Margaret to anyone requiring estate liquidation services.
David & Anne.

You guys are hard workers, thanks, you guys kicked a__ yesterday. You guys are professional and trustworthy. I usually never give up things like I did to you guys. I am a big hands on person but you guys made me trust you and PUTTING my home into your hands does not come easy for me. My son was shocked that I was not breathing down your throats. This says a lot in my book and apparently my 13-year-old son as well. Please thanks your beautiful wife who has a good heart.
Rita & Scott.

If you’re considering having an Estate Sale I would highly recommend using
On May 3rd and 4th we had an Estate Sale at my Mother’s house in Ventura.
As we live San Luis Obispo, we did not have the time, desire or expertise to do it ourselves.
We hired Claudio & Margret de Medeiros, owners of Selling Your Estate, to handle the entire process.
Before hiring them, we researched different companies in the Ventura area and quickly realized they were the most experienced and the “best fit” for us. We did not know exactly what to expect, so we took a leap of faith and left everything in their hands.

Claudio and Margret organized all the items, priced everything correctly, handled the two day sale and on-site security. They even cleaned up afterwards. We found them to be very knowledgeable, ethical and above all honest.

As a result of their experience and knowledge of current market conditions, our gross sales totaled 300% above what I would have sold everything for just to clean out the house before escrow closed.

We were extremely happy with the entire process and especially the end results.
I would hire them again.

If you have any more questions about my experience with “ , feel free the email me

Frank Guyton
Retired Fire Chief

Claudio and Margaret handled the sale and clean-out of my son’s apartment after he died. My son’s estate received the proceeds immediately, and the apartment was truly cleaned. The apartment manager had no complaints about the process. Claudio and Margaret were truly professional.

“Claudio works hard to get the best results for his clients. His experitse enables him to quickly evaluate an estate and price it to sell at the highest price.”   JIM..

We received the check.  Thank you very much. Thank you for the nice job you did with the estate sale. My husband was especially happy with how clean the house was when it was over.Sincerely,Kathy

Claudio & Margaret recently managed the estate sale for my mother’s house, including items 80 years old. They worked hard, made creative suggestions, took over everything we didn’t want to deal with, and succeeded both in providing some profit for the estate and in cleaning up a house in which things had accumulated for 54 years. I recommend them to anyone. They were our partners for a week, and we could not have asked for better care.John Merton Marrs, trustee, Lois M. Marrs Trust

Dear Claudio & Maggie, We wish to thank you and Maggie for the huge job which you accomplished in such an organized and short period of time.  The job of ridding us of about 2/3 of our possessions in a 5,000 sq. ft. home was a hugh burden lifted from our shoulders.  We were able to recoup some our of dollars both in the form of cash and additionally in the form of verified charity all in the space of one weeks time.  Please know that we would give recommendations to others concerned about doing such a hugh move.  Sincerely, Kay & Dr. Charles NorthOxnard Estate Sale I want to thank you both for the  work you did on our estate. The result of the sale vastly exceed our  expectations. You are a treat to work with and you do what you say you will do.  It is  terribly hard to trust someone these days and my wife and I felt  totally comfortable doing business with you. We were truly blessed to find you. Jim Cox.

Ventura Estate Sale – Marilyn Doyle What a great  experience  your company and service is excellent.  The sale yielded  us more than we anticipated.  The house was left in perfect condition.  Thanks again.

Dear Claudio –  I just wanted to send out heartfelt thanks for the wonderful job that you, your wife, Maggie, and son, Louis, did for our family in selling the estate of our parents.  Even though the estate could easily be classified as “middle class” you and your family came in and prepared the estate items in professionally and in only 3 days.  You had an immediate knowledge of the items, their pricing, and how to sell them. In addition, you were caring and considerate to our family during the entire process.  Even though the estate was in a rural area, your marketing drew a very large crowd and nearly everything was sold!  Thank you so much- what a relief for the family to have this difficult process so expertly handled by Sell Your Estate!  I would recommend your services to everyone! Auburn, CA.

Hi Claudio–Sending a Thank You for the help you provided in selling my mother-in-laws household in Oxnard. We appreciated you flexibility in organizing the sale around her “tenting” and packing/loading for the move cross country.  It was a pleasure to meet with you and Maggie. You were very professional and certainly followed through with all you said you would. The house was left in good condition for the new owners and the funds were disbursed exactly as you said.
You have our recommendation and our best wishes for much success with Sell Your Estate.
SC from Chicago